Four Simple Curly Hairstyles

Although curly hair is gorgeous, it can be difficult to manage. Thankfully, there are lots of simple hairstyles that may quickly make you appear effortlessly stylish! The next time you want to add a little extra flair to your appearance, try one of these simple five curly hairstyles.

1. Braided Side

This haircut is perfect for you if you like super-messy looks that are both entirely informal and inspiring. After smoothing down your hair with a comb, gather the top portion of your hair into a low-side ponytail. To finish the look, pull it tight and fasten it with a hair tie. It appears as though you simply rolled out of bed without trying too hard, making it a wonderful alternative for a day spent lazing by the pool or on the beach. Put your hair in a Dutch braid to elevate this style even further (you cross each strand under, not over). This gives the style a slightly more distinctive touch and adds a subtle texture. It's also a simple method to give your braid a lovely accent.

2. Bun

The bun is a timeless and simple hairstyle for curly hair. By scrunching up your hair and using a curl-enhancing spray, you may enhance the appearance of this simple style. It's the ideal method for quickly and easily enhancing the texture of your strands. Create a side part on one side of your head using a tail comb, then take a tiny bit from the center of your front hair and begin braiding. Use bobby pins to secure both braids up at the nape of your neck. With a charming hair tie and bow hair clips, if desired, pull the remaining hair up into a high ponytail. Because it attractively frames the face, this hairstyle is especially great for people with medium-length, shaggy curls.

3. Bun in Space

This adorable hairdo nicely highlights your natural curls and exudes a whimsical attitude. Your hair should be brushed or finger-combed before being parted in the center and formed into two low buns that sit on either side of your head. Medium-length curly hair that accentuates highlights and/or lowlights looks fantastic in this layered style. By altering the placement and size of the buns, they may also be modified to fit various face shapes. You can give your space buns a fun makeover by adding tiaras, wands, or headbands for a glitzier appearance. Even glitter can be added to your buns for a celestial touch that is ideal for festivals or special occasions. This haircut is a great choice for anyone looking to rock a casual yet distinctive look.

4. Headband with Braids

Try plaiting your full head of curls into a headband for a playful hairstyle that works for any season of the year. Divide your hair into two portions first, then start braiding one side from the front to the back of your neck, leaving a few strands in the middle for a gorgeous effect that frames your face. In addition to showcasing the exquisite texture of curly hair, this wavy middle parting helps to define and narrow your face. Apply a small spritz of non-crunchy hairspray to maintain this style all day. Try incorporating the leftover braids into your regular Bantu knots by wrapping them around the base of your bun and fastening it with a few bobby pins to give this look a more refined and royal feel. Any event will highlight this style!

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