Should I Bathe or Shower My Dog?

Dogs with Short Coats

Short-haired dogs tend to shed less fur, yet still require regular grooming and bathing. Therefore, short-coated breeds make ideal choices for pet parents who want a low maintenance pup that requires fewer trips to the groomer. Typically, short-haired dogs should receive a bath every four to eight weeks. However, depending on the breed, activity level, and health condition of your pup, bathing may need to be done more frequently. If you're uncertain how often to bathe your dog, consult with your veterinarian or pet groomer about the ideal frequency. They can also tell you if special shampoos are needed to treat skin conditions or temporary infections.

Dogs with Long Coats

Typically, longer fur requires more frequent baths than short fur does. This is because longer coats tend to trap dirt and dander more effectively than their shorter counterparts. However, there are exceptions to this rule - such as Bichon Frises and many dogs that don't shed. These options are ideal for people who are allergic to dog fur or want a pet that won't create too much dander around the house.

Dogs with Smooth Coats

Although some dogs don't need to be bathed often, others require regular grooming. Common tasks include trimming, brushing, and comb outs to prevent tangles or mats from forming. Popular smooth-coated dog breeds include beagles, cockapoos, chihuahuas and poodles. Their short double coat requires frequent brushing to eliminate loose fur and keep it looking healthy.

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