The Greatest Travel Books You Should Read Before Taking Your Next Vacation

Both tourists and non-tourists will enjoy this short read that illustrates the many viewpoints that nations around the world have on happiness. A compelling autobiography about a young, free-spirited woman's journey to discover who she is through an extensive travel adventure This book will undoubtedly motivate you to accept who you are! Check out The Best Travel Books for Newbies, another article we wrote.

1. Mark Twain, Into the Wild

One of the most well-known travel novels, it describes a young American woman's journey of self-discovery on the streets of Mexico when she flees her life. This book offers adventure as well as a more profound comprehension of human nature. Anyone planning a vacation can benefit from the basic European guidebooks available at Fodor's Travel Books. They provide exhaustive historical and tourist information.

2. Paul Theroux's The Great Bazaar Railway

For those who enjoy travel writing, this 1975 book is a classic. Theroux's rail voyage from London to Europe, the stans of Central Asia, India, and southeast Asia, and eventually his return via Russia to his starting point in London are all chronicled. You'll want to take a train and explore the world after reading it! This book is highly recommended for anyone interested in traveling to Australia, as it encourages readers to discover the country's various attractions and perils (such as crocodiles and box jellyfish). This book tells the story of how the venerable travel guide business, Lonely Planet, got its start.

3. John Steinbeck's Under the Tuscan Sun

A timeless masterpiece of travel writing Travel with Frances Mayes as she experiences La Dolce Vita in Tuscany. This coffee table book has it all, whether you're searching for quick-day treks or exciting backpacking trips. For anyone who enjoys trekking, it is a necessity. This clever autobiography describes the author's personal experiences living in difficult locations such as Afghanistan, Iran, and North Korea. His writing style is edgy and humorous, guaranteed to make you laugh aloud.

4. Paulo Coelho's book The Alchemist

The majority of travelers are looking for something outside of themselves, but the best travel books encourage readers to find a side of themselves they were unaware they had. Anyone hoping to have a fantastic trip and gain more out of life should read this masterpiece. Some people desire to travel full-time but are not yet prepared to quit their day jobs. This book, which is refreshingly honest, shows readers how to adopt a nomadic lifestyle by making the necessary compromises.

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