If you eat bananas every day, what happens to your body?

As the most popular fruit in America (per PMA), bananas stand toe to toe with apples in the 2019 Fresh Trends survey. People in the U.S. can't get enough of this vibrant fruit. Their popularity doesn't seem likely to fade anytime soon, despite their popularity among both adults and children. The reason for this is that they are so versatile. A banana can be incorporated into almost any sweet treat and added to your diet, whether it's bread, pancakes, smoothies (or, for the more adventurous, sushi and curry). In addition to being delicious, they can provide a lot of health benefits if you eat them on a regular basis. You might be wondering what eating bananas, in particular, could do for your health. Below you will find everything banana (sorry, couldn't resist!) Keep an eye on things banana!

Your gum and mouth health could improve as a result

Although bananas have a soft texture, they won't take too much effort to break apart due to their soft texture. What's surprising is that bananas can be good for your mouth and gums. Even though we typically associate bananas with citrus fruits like oranges or lemons, they also contain a large amount of vitamin C. According to WebMD, bananas contain about ten milligrams of the daily recommended 75 to 90 milligrams of vitamin C. In addition to protecting our immune systems and fighting free radicals, vitamin C has been shown to reduce gum disease and inflammation, according to studies published in BDJ Open. Periodontal (or gum) health has also been shown to be improved by diets that consume more fruits. The study found that a large percentage of participants consumed more bananas and saw positive results, so you may want to snack on one every day to maintain your oral health. According to the study, vitamin C appears to have a positive correlation with periodontal health.

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